heads must roll

Easy Steps Toward a Better Economy

Obama’s top economic advisors are Bob Rubin and his understudy Jason Furman.  This is very bad.  If you haven’t heard of them, Bob Rubin is

“the NAFTA architect who gutted market regulations as Bill Clinton’s treasury secretary and who then tried to rustle up government favors for Enron as a $17-million-a-year executive at Citigroup, a bank embroiled in today’s implosion.”

The following is a quick guide to easy actions you can take to support sane economics and a bailout plan that reregulates Wall Street and protects ordinary people.

Call the Obama campaign

(202) 224-2854

or e-mail them.  Obama gets most of his money from small donors.

Here’s some talking points:

  1. Fire Robert Rubin and Jason Furman — they helped create the mess we’re in.  Hire economists who aren’t afraid to oppose economic myths and propaganda and support policies that work.
  2. Any bailout should do the following- shield the taxpayers from future losses and give us a stake in potential gains.
    – reregulate the financial markets & break up companies that are too big to fail!
    – help homeowners struggling with foreclosure
    – cap CEO compensation—no golden parachutes.
    – tax on the superrich to pay for cleaning up this mess.

The above talking points are from Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt) proposal to protect the middle class and reregulate Wall Street. You can support a sane, fair bailout plan in 10 minutes by doing the following:

  1. Watch Senator Sanders’ video appeal to the American public.  Become a citizen co-signer of his petition letter to Treasury Secretary Paulson.  Take his poll to voice your opinion of the bailout.
  2. Contact your US Senators and urge them to support Bernie Sanders’ proposal.  Do the same with your US Representative.
  3. Tell your Senators to support Say On Pay, a “law requiring publicly traded companies to submit executive pay plans to a nonbinding shareholder vote each year.”

The bottom line in my mind is this: The people who got us into this mess have already been rewarded for it with millions of dollars.  They don’t deserve one dime more, and in fact, deserve to be punished as well as stripped of much of that money for two reasons:   1.  Nobody is important enough or works hard enough to deserve an average $10.8 million dollars a year.  2.  They acquired it by creating this mess, and therefore that same money should be used to help fix the mess.

If I were king, these people would be strung up by their shoelaces, tarred and feathered.  I would also encourage people to throw horse and cow shit at them.  Maybe that’s why I’m not king…

2 Responses to heads must roll

  1. wags says:

    Fire them all!! THis mess all started back in 1999 when the government “mandated” that Fannie and Freddie “come up with programs to allow for more home ownership for people who wouldn’t otherwise have the means”. (ref: financial times, 1999). In other words: who cares if they don’t have verifiable income, steady job, etc. You make $50k a year and want a $600k mortgage …. no problem. Ridiculous.

    Also, the “bailout” isn’t really a bailout: It involves loans that will eventually (I know, don’t laugh too loud) be paid back, along with the purchase (and eventual sale) of these worthless mortgage backed securities.

  2. Kyle says:

    Good info Ethan — petition is signed. I’d vote for you for King.

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