what a wonderful world

Sarah Palin is a poetic genius on the magnitude of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsburg.  The McCain camp is clairvoyent.  Barack and Michelle are in love.

Ok, that last one wasn’t supposed to be cynical — it just comes across that way when you juxtapose it against Palin’s eager spewing of discombobulated talking points someone told her to say, or McCain’s campaign declaring its candidate the victor several hours before the debate began.  Will Palin “wilt like a delicate flower” if McCain allows her unscripted time in front of microphones and reporters?  Can the McCain campaign truly see into the future to prevent this from happening?  More importantly, can they prevent my next sneeze attack?  Are the Obamas truly in love, or are they just insanely talented evil genius actors conspiring in a devious plot to rule Whitey with an iron fist?

I’ll have more on this story never.

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