Quote of the Day

…or week.  Or month.  However it turns out.  Every now and then, I hear something ridiculous(ly) funny (or offensive) enough that not even context can save it…

BAM stands for Boys’ Advocacy and Mentoring, founded by Stephen Grant and Howard Hiton.  It’s a program and set of materials developed locally here in P-town to help people work with young boys in order to foster mature and healthy emotional and social lives.  Integral for gender-based violence prevention work.  It is something that I hope AARC and other groups like it will be able to take advantage of shortly.

During a recent appearance on AM Northwest, Howard let slip about half way through

“The power of balls can not be underestimated.”

I have a hard time believing that it was a Freudian slip — looked a little too eager there to get the comment out (I swear I heard Steven snicker a little…).  How punny.

I get the sense that Dave Anderson (host, on the left) was personally fed up with a lot of masculine “gender box” BS that has occurred in his life or around it, and was channeling that frustration into a productive interview very obviously in support of the BAM project.

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