Alphabet Stew: Mentil Soup

Just saw one of my cousins for the first time in a while.  Damn great news.  He just released a new album with his group:

Alphabet Stew (a group concocted, naturally, from a host of PDX hip-hop luminaries, including Sandpeople members Al-One and DJ Sparks, producer Andy B, and DJ Wels)

Let’s back up a little.  Any y’all remember The Chosen?  Check it out if you haven’t.  You won’t be disappointed in the well-executed talent with a dripping raw delivery that will leave you wanting more.  The “more” is finally here after two years of hard work.  The group is Alphabet Stew, and the album is Mentil Soup.  Release party was Halloween 2008.

Any rate, apart from that one pullout quote, ignore the Willamette Week review.  Don’t know what that guy is smoking, but for the love of God, stay away.  He doesn’t get that influences include Danger Doom.  Don’t take that shit seriously.  Seriously, stop being so self-serious and have some serious fun every now and then (…note to self…).  Check out Portland Mercury for a review from someone who is sober enough to understand the album concept.  Then beg, borrow or…buy your own damn copy.  ‘Cuz this stuff is good, Cuz!

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