101309 cutting canyons


i’m a drop in the bucket
and your bucket’s sprung a leak
draining us away like water
all the power that you seek
without us, you’re weak
you make your living
preying on the meek
when you try to shout
what comes out is just a squeak

while we slide into the stream
and the stream into the creek
and then another intermediary
cutting canyons deep, before
draining from the tributary
to the pristine estuary,
because we carry toxic baggage
what comes next is scary:

collective seamless entity
unstoppable fluid motion
we direct our flow with gravity
back into the ocean, potent potion

waves ebb and flow as levels rise
land and lives go with the tides
political climate destabilize
single problem with two sides
too much, too little water
flooding getting hotter
and drought intensifies

crisis opportunity energy
a tsunami from the deep blue
earthquake-induced origami
breaks what doesn’t fold in two
one Truth, no more lies to hide behind
one Will, one mind and peace to find
one Love, to dominate all time
one Reason to write and recite this rhyme

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