Open Letter to Attorney General concerning the death of Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Below is the letter, based on the suggestions about how to channel your outrage over Aiyana’s death. Also, for a great analysis of the role “reality TV” and racism played, read this

Dear Attorney General Eric Holder,

I am one of the people outraged at what happened to Aiyana Stanley-Jones in Detroit. Not just because the police carelessly burned and executed a seven year old girl sleeping on a couch. That is bad enough. Despite the fact that police received warnings that there were children in the house. That is worse. But most of all because the police, and whoever heads the police, think black people are worthless enough to be used as props on the latest thin-brained reality TV show. Aiyana Stanley-Jones died that day for a few minutes of televised entertainment. Long before that, white power brokers dehumanized and alienated the members of the black community to the point where they lost their intrinsic value as people in the eyes of the police. And this is the real reason why Aiyana died, like so many before her.

Racist violence is resurging in America. Where is the leadership for justice and compassion?

2 Responses to Open Letter to Attorney General concerning the death of Aiyana Stanley-Jones

  1. Robert says:

    Very Sad story I am just learning about.. I do not want to make this a typical political statement, but I will go there because leaders in all sectors of America, are taking more and more freedoms from the citizens of this country = more and more events like this happening in the future.

    I am not going to go into the few details I have read about, who, what, why, etc.. those will come out later.. But for a non drug using, freedom loving, let people live their own lives (as long as their not hurting others), what they do in the bedroom is their choice, etc. believer, I do have one question for all you outraged Americans.

    Did you vote for ONE of the 2 Special Interest, Lobbyist Controlled, Party Members (DNC/RNC) or did you vote for the Freedom for All Candidate in the last 2 elections, that has the same (in short) beliefs that I shortly mentioned??

    You can’t have your freedom if you continue to support Special interest Lobbyist that profit off confining peoples freedoms, for their own self serving agendas, NO MATTER THE POLITICAL PARTY OR COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.. Educate yourselves America, like many of All nationalities and political affiliations did when we Wrote In Our Vote for the Freedom For All candidate in 2008/2012. The same Veteran/ Non Lobbyist and NON special interest Candidate the Special interest of both parties hated for years….

    “It has to stop at the top” before America becomes a freer nation again.. God Bless all innocent victims, legal citizens, OUR Constitution, Our Military Heroes who attempt to keep America safe and Free, and of course America..

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