Does it matter whether Naomi Wolf is right?

I’m sure some folks are following the debate prompted by Naomi Wolf’s provocative piece, which her editors entitled, “The shocking truth about…” bla bla. Here’s the latest irrelevant response I’m aware of, at the Crooks and Liars blog site:

“Wait, what do you mean when you say, ‘latest irrelevant response?’ Do you mean to say [most] of the response has been irrelevant? So what is relevant, then?” Why, thanks for asking! Here’s what I mean:

what Naomi is writing about — regardless of the extent to which it is true yet, and regardless of the semantic debates surrounding the questions of evidence — are things that have happened and are currently happening elsewhere (e.g., Arab Spring). American population control is much more entrenched and internalized, and i think nicely summarized in this comparison of Orwell v Huxley

In short, the Occupation movement is feeding into a dialectical historical narrative of externalizing population control that was previously internalized through our own misplaced sense of contentment, ignorance and apathy: people figuring out how upset they are.  they are turning off the TVs and are starting to talk about how upset they are. publicly. they are organizing, figuring out what they want, and making demands.  inevitably, it will result in increasing crackdowns (a shift from Huxley back to Orwellian control methods), which will further radicalize the population, which will intensify the crackdowns, etc etc. it seems to have reached a critical mass to the point where ignoring/marginalizing strategies are no longer an option. if increasing violent crackdowns don’t happen, this will be the One Weird Exception in the History of Revolutions.

IMO, the major question is whether the response will be of fearful pacifism (successful divide and conquer) or public outrage. that depends in part on the extent to which the Occupy Movement maintains the “moral high ground” through a public image of just, peaceful outrage, solidarity (love, trust, respect, yeah?) and the resulting martyrdom in the face of overt crackdowns (ref Heather Gautney’s comment), and in part on the extent to which the corporate/gov’t response start to increasingly embody targeted [sometimes only character] assassinations, disappearances and other fear-inducing tactics. i think the latter will lengthen the time it takes to reach the critical mass of an American Spring, but that’s where we’re moving, regardless.

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