Why and how I beat the Little Hater


I write and compose and play and perform for myself, to satisfy an internal need to understand what’s happening inside and around me.  I share it with others who often say that what I do resonates with or helps or provokes them.  I think the latter flows from the former.  So I try to ignore the voice that says, “you haven’t done [insert creative activity] for [insert time period], you suck, sucka!”  and listen to the voices that say, “You’ve been werkin’, keep up that good shit, using your creative processes in other ways.  Why are you pressuring yourself if you got nothing to say at the moment in this area of creativity?”   I don’t know what to call these voices, but they’re the opposite of the Little Haters.  And I try to listen to them more.

For the record, I don’t want to kill or starve off the Little Haters.  I just want to shrink their egos down in size and put them in their place, the purpose of which is to keep me accountable and help me maintain perspective.

What do we call the encouraging voices?? Also, what do we call the Little Haters when they serve the role of accountability?  And how the hell do we tell the difference?  Help wanted.


One Response to Why and how I beat the Little Hater

  1. ozob says:


    interesting, it sounds like we should talk to ourselves more from a second-person perspective to escape negative self-talk. e.g., change from

    “I don’t know what I’m doing!” to “ozob, you can do this. you can finish commenting on your own post.”

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