072514 heavens above


the universe inside of me rests sadly
on her bed today, the muse who inspires me
issues a public statement to refuse
when i beg her come and play, the spirit of melancholy
hovers heavily in the heavens above
floating cloud, gravity and weight, together
these three conspire to remind me
of the nature of my life, my struggle
my anachronistic, acommunal existence
in the wrong, time and place.

my hands will my feet and mind to move
so they may glow warmly at night, spice and fragrance
greet and lace my food, my fuel, fruit and meat
innoculate, the soothing smell will rise to face
as i fall back to sleep, prove to me
my fulfillment resides in dark and airless space
carboys and crocks, barrels and caves with
countless guardian angels, work tirelessly
through cycles of seasons or abide
patiently, sip your share like wraiths, unseen
for the opportunity to relate, commitment and human faith
inside, the foundation upon which we live, love and die.


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