121613 natures household


in nature’s household we build family
on the foundations of love, courage, honesty, respect
we make space for place based on the need
to smash the state of hatred, alienation
and greed, because hierarchy that is
arbitrary, somewhat permanent and imposed
only destroys community, and will never meet our needs.

so my loyalties turn from civilization toward
sabotage and defect, where we refuse to play
by the rules of that game, framed in a way
to make those who play sociopathically insane,
and we refuse to accept that this empire of empty
commerce concrete circus calories is all
there ever was (speciously as it is),
and all there ever will be.

driven instead by a vision and a resurgence of remembering
we move ahead past the glaring lens of history — even though
the eyes of the civilized may render us despised
and feared — because when there is no more history
there are no more colonial lies, and the colonizers’ crimes
— having left heavy wounds in our hearts, and having thrown
our heavy hearts down on the shores of wounded lands —
are, too, fragile and ephemeral, washed clean and purified
by the rising tides in nature’s hourglass of sand.

as our talents become regenerative
the protected identity of genetic diversity
inherent in wild co-evolutionary seed
sprouts readily, at home once again
amongst lives worth living and dying free
in the welcoming bosom of our hands.


2 Responses to 121613 natures household

  1. Elan Mudrow says:

    Nice poetry! I liked it a lot! More please.
    Check out:

  2. ozob says:

    thank you for reading and for your thoughts

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