The Third Wolf

adapted from Three Wolves.


Two wolves vie for dominant placement in your heart.
One driven by fear and hate to take what he lacks
and one struggling through strength of love
both destined to clash forever, from the start.

The losing wolf will always limp away
with a whimper while licking his wounds
until we feel pity or regret
to nurse him back to strength
and leave the winning wolf to weaken.

The losing wolf will never die
while the winning wolf will never thrive.
Battles in the war they wage will continue
for the rest of your life, the blood they spill
will fertilize the earth along the path we walk

through the hills and valleys of our lives
howls of triumph and pain will echo
the way we talk when we relate
hunt for prey and give thanks for the gift:
clarity to see the contrast inherent
within each warring moment of our fate.


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