100914 devastating chain


the strongest boundaries
the toughest love when those
we love self-destruct
who will say, “This
devastating chain stops
with me.

“You will not ruin my life
the same way you ruin yours.
You will not drag me down.
I will not drown with you.”

the selfish corruption of
martyrdom without courage
contained within
what we leave unsaid

as our young look on
life without breath
a potent stagnating toxicity
that reminds me
of the void of death
i remain strong
on a fleeting chance
my integrity gives them
to shed our baggage
do better than us
breathe, and finally
live in a way
we never did.


One Response to 100914 devastating chain

  1. Julie Buhite says:

    Yeah. Wow. You have a great and very intelligent way of expressing, Ethan.

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