052112 slashed wrists


hitting bottom with balled fists
slashed wrists slash tires
start fires, burn the liars
inside their own fraternities
or wherever they feel safe

carve and draw the carnal buyers
who traffick for Eternity
quarter them for the corner market
before they can escape

unaccountable infallibility
broadcast channel hate
auto-immune impunity
drown in water drinking wine
better living through passive gravity
enjoy the path of least resistance down
easy, take your time
it’s impossible to be too late
any way you draw the line
this is our collective fate:

our self, our righteous
arbitrary and divine
loos’d of limits, untamed on one side
opposite the sea of sociopathy
narcissistic rising tide
semantically redundant:
insanity and the civilized

find your mode of redemption
these thoughts mark mine:
live wild and free, fight captivity
fight domestication, tyranny, control and greed;
inspire and lead
be sensitive, courageous, ethical, wise
resilient, persistent, live however you can
just live your life to its fullest
so you can die…


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