022412 dangerous names


insane inane endgame
end of fame
the more things change
they stay the same
in the ways i try to stay sane
in the same vein that we inject blame
through the looking glass
broken window pane
skipping through the grass outside
running out of class in pride
to follow the powder white rabbit,
white clothes, too fast, bad habits
catch hold from the inside

orderlies, big-ass muscle men
flailing arms, escaping inmate
desperate, “grab him!” they shout
“don’t let him get the fuck out!”
kingdom, order, phylum,
humanity’s primal place in doubt
who’s in charge of this asylum?

who plays their stupid games?
who blames their dangerous names?
huff, puff, and blow
until the world is garbage to discard
soldier inmates heave and ho
like magic, our home
becomes a house of cards
and we all fall down
broken crown, broken throne
we think and feel together
and we’re all alone

bite the fake, take the bait
we’re all salmon on a hook
don’t waste, don’t hate, recapitulate
reciprocate, self-regulate
good things come to those
who do more than wait
find the right language
beyond the fear and hate
to convey the concepts
in a way that resonates
implore and inspire us to be
more than mirror ponds of Fate

from woman to man, hand in hand
in between you’ll understand
what we need to know
take a deep breath, make a stand
find the strength to admit
that we built these dams
deep inside our bodies, first
and then outside
but which is worse?
figurative and literal
they destroy life
on and off the land
and it’s time we let them go


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