060611 bittersweet life


yesterday i helped a friend prepare for her plane
a last-minute flight, reluctant parting of our ways

i woke at five and walked another friend to the train
still stifling the flood of my emotional pain
although through its suppression i’ve got nothing to gain

i realized that i couldn’t go to work today
i took a personal day, slept the whole day away
abandoned all my worries, let my dreams lead the way
alone, lonely silence, hopeful thoughts holding sway

i dreamed of the day our heavy losses are repaid
when justice reigns supreme and every karma gets made
and the work we have to do so that our worries can fade:
end our self-destructive tendencies through the sensitivity
honesty and courage to see a spade as a spade

the challenges we face are always opportunities
when we care for one-another then we’ll face them with ease
it’s all monkeyspheres and moments, every one we should seize
go the long way, take your time, explore the possibilities

relationships will always be an incomplete imperfect feat
conditions where we meet through strife define for me
the taste, feel and meaning of a bittersweet life

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