051511 bright feathers


winter is just soup and sourdough bread weather
so feed that plastic-wrapped heart-attack crap
back to the corporate bed-wetters
whatever they said, we do it better
renewal is just life with less fetters
straighten up, pull up your pants and forget that cheddar
we’re on the right track when we’re ruffeling bright feathers

the problems we face are personal and systemic, but
the will to be change is engrained and endemic
change happens one heart and mind at a time
empowerment is innate, natural and divine
it comes through blood and the courage to find
solidarity through work and understanding through rhyme

tap your innate ability and curiosity
as we come together and create community
undo our alienation, learn to see
no longer blind, learn to hear, listen actively
no longer deaf, learn to speak your fears publicly,
no longer mute, teach strength and vulnerability:
two words on the same sign

how many others like me fear betrayal,
dishonesty, abandonment, disengenuous portrayal?
it’s true i’ve been hurt before
kicked while i’m down on the floor
stabbed in the back, rumors
doublespeak behind closed doors

i’m always fighting the numbness i feel
cautious, defensive, protective
the pain i fear becomes real
ironic from my perspective
each time i refuse another chance to heal,
vicious cycle, abuse, acute pain turns chronic

it only takes one lie to turn a real person fake
one fake to poison the connections we make
my only solution is to trust and be trusted
stay open and honest, give back what i take
stay real as i discover and chastize the lies
no matter our choice, we’ll have a flood:
is it solidarity, or is it our blood?


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