Adventures in Lyricism: Spanish Inquisition


Spanish Inquisition and Chaos illustrate similar triplet techniques, and have similar song structures. They are, in fact, my first de facto compositions. Immediately my instructor warned me to move away from the techniques and structures I was utilizing in order to expand my voice and repertoire. To this day, I am thankful for his forthright guidance: Be succinct, concise, say what you need to, never repeat yourself unnecessarily. A strong, brief composition will always trump a weak, drawn-out composition. Repetition is a way to dilute output, make it seem like it is more than it really is, the same way some people shout at others because they don’t have anything reasonable to say. Moreover, this level of honesty forces personal growth, and by holding onto it, I feel I have become much more prolific better at self-editing. All in all, it is probably some of the most important advice I have ever received.

sheet music

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