093010 unlocked doors


unlocked doors and broken windows
active days and brilliant nights
carry the flame, share the spark
follow fate wherever she goes
don’t be afraid, embrace the dark

climbing around on
crumbling foundations
clumsy, stumbling, collapsing
beneath its own weight
caught, tangled like a fool
in its own downed powerlines
desperate, drowning, disappearing
in a shallow ink-black pool
of its own greediness and hate

civilization tried and fell
to a silence that indicates
only the machines died
freed from our enslavement
we stack them messy side-by-side
decomposing bodies in the shade
feed the trees whose roots create
space for plants that grow through
cracks in the dead pavement

help us find our way back into
somewhere between work and play
there’s always more for us to do,
and if you don’t look for happiness here
then happiness will never find you

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