080610 last call


one life to live
one gift to give
one way to be
souls in a sieve

hearts in a wringer
no eyes to see
no chains, be free
please sing for her
when you sing to me

find what belongs to us
dig our roots deeper
if our life seems cheaper
we heal the trust
slide down the hill steeper

crash through the wall
strengthen the community
against pyschopathic immunity
prepare life in the fall
thrive through winter’s impunity

strive to shut down the mains
tear up the money, take down the mall
resource wars hurt us all
wives cry, husbands slain
women raped, inside we die, last call

videogames prepare kids to destroy
stop playing the way of able and cain
stop pretending they’re not one and the same
civilization and hate, two sides, same coin
until we reject, our chains will remain

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