050110 moving train


sudden noise, out of bed
sturdy feet, eyes ahead
prepare ready for the attack
stabbed in the back, the weapon is lies
compassion whithers, empathy dies

devotional scenes, muted screams
silenced dreams, see us blind
numb heart and brain, nevermind
too much suffering and pain
emotional buffering alienate
don’t meditate, self medicate
MO on that ignorant hate

passivity flows freely
we feel confused apathy,
neutral on a moving train
if something’s wrong,
we’re not to blame

thousand cuts we give and bleed
same way cannibal vampires feed
countless lines we greedy crossed
nobody knows what we lost
too distracted, easily amused
exploited instrumental blues
subtle violence, invisible abuse
everybody takes, feeling used
choices we don’t care we make

the easy path below we form
step into this modern world
where trust is weak
betrayal runs deep
and injustice is the norm

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