061515 waiting underneath


i feel the future vibrating
with the sound of thousands of lives
no longer lost or alone
when our feet pound streets
and break concrete in solidarity
to let the sunlight shine through
to let the seeds take root
in the soil waiting underneath
to grow the uprising.

i feel the futuring vibrating at last
with the present sound of the downfall
of the destroyers of our past.

only a small fraction of the civilized elite
has — or will ever have — access to resources
capable of partially mitigating and outsourcing
some of the damages
civilization does to everyone
degenerative disease, destroyed hip
gets hope from titanium clip surgery
metal comes from ecosystemic devastation
we trade free of context and conscience:
life support systems, unraveling
in exchange for body parts
we call this inequality “privilege”
and so the civil grow and spread their misery

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