040816 twin fires


Trauma is like an atomic cluster bomb
of infinite complexity, countless little bomblets
exploding, dividing, multiplying
more with every attempt to disarm
you disintegrate at the seams
bit by bit, and bleed.

Trauma is like a passenger train
derailed on a sudden and drastic
jacknife turn of events, at the same time
sending you both further down the tracks
and back over familiar terrain.

Trauma gets worse before it gets better.
Trauma gets worse AS it gets better.
Trauma brings transition and transformation.
Trauma means pain.

Trauma knocks you flat out from beneath
the steadystate grasp of gravity
sends you flying off into space
toward uncharted orbits, a crash landing
an indefinite floating fade into the infinite dark.

Trauma takes you somewhere new
leaves you stranded
illuminates and destroys
elucidates and terrifies
confounds and clarifies
sounds like a desperate gasp
feels a lot like a collapsed lung
struggling to draw her next breath
maybe her last.

Trauma stands resolute in your life
at innumerable crossroads with tinder
and a spark to fan the wild flames on the land
between the twin fires of your desires
toward growth and death.

Once it settles and builds its nest deep inside of you
trauma will never die off, disappear or go away.
Only your response to trauma can change.

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