120114 sirens

December 3, 2014


a storm comes our way
our fear and hate drive it on
it answers our call

we cannot fight storms
winnowers of the world
many fall away

weakness comes from fear
the void lurks in the abyss
between life and death

recognize your fear
it lures us to the abyss
the void takes the weak

hear the sirens’ call
making zombies of us all
wasting life with fear

bring life back to earth
set roots deep in the soil
rooted life gives strength

live for honest death
protect love from the void
love may survive us

Why the Zombie Apocalypse?

November 24, 2014

This update posted to the About page.

The zombie apocalypse to me represents the near-complete alienation we experience as a result of succumbing to — and even fending off — colonizing forces that threaten and destroy life and love.  As such, it serves as a potentially-fantastic analogy and tool to explore the predicaments and challenges that alienating and colonizing societies pose toward us, and build a solid foundation for decolonization work.

Though no real clear distinction exists, the poetry typically serves to establish and explore a cosmology of the zombie apocalypse (especially the haiku), whereas the stories begin to ground those explorations.

111214 cleansing

November 12, 2014

life must persevere
a Storm of Life will never
come into existence

until life departs
only Living Death remains
we have Nothing left

perhaps then it comes
all-consuming Storm of Life
Nothing bears witness

before it departs
nature has supreme power
returning to life

111014 storms

November 10, 2014

storms of nature rage
accept Horror with Her love
choose a role in life

choose life and survive
choose Storms of Death, or Nothing
life always has choice

storms may have no choice
cleansing forces of nature
know what they must do

storms may strategize
manipulate and trick life
to define the path

from a place of fear
without peace, thought or feeling
fall into the void

quiet and subtle
Nothing may settle like fog
obscuring all life

or fake an echo
fear of death provokes thunder
accept death with love

Storms of Death have love
Storms of Nothing have no love
both will rage, always

Storms of Death bring peace
Storms of Nothing bring more storms
without peace, always

110914 horror

November 9, 2014

in the void between
life and death lurks a Horror
some call Living Death

neither live nor dead
a mutual rejection:
life of death of life

Horror from the void
feels nothing, thinks of nothing
but endless Hunger

some wish for this fate:
immortality within
fear of life and death

forever Hungry
never satisfied of need
upsetting balance

a Storm of Nothing
feeds on life and death alike
expanding the void

spreading the Hunger
when trying to escape it
Nothing brings the void

shrinking the margin
draining life from death from life
where Nothing remains

raging Storms of Death
feed on Living Death and life
giving back to life

welcome death with grace
when life succumbs to Nothing
death restores balance

life must seek balance
between two of its Horrors
or life will vanish

life must embrace Death
over the Storm of Nothing
or life will vanish

110814 life

November 8, 2014

there exists no life
without love, Nothing exists
without life or love

in space void of love
we merge with an emptiness
pulling us from life

fear, and Nothing waits
to live, practice love, to die
fill all life with love

110814 fear

November 8, 2014

fear keeps us apart
fear divides and conquers us
fear pulls life from love

when fear dominates
fear pulls life into the void
fear always exists

fear can protect us
recognize fear and respond
without submission

102614 apocalypse

November 8, 2014

zombies worshipping
the blue glow of the altar
with empty pale stares

liberate, and leave
they will lash out and return
like slaves to slaver

you cannot save them
protect what you love from both
slave and slaver alike

welcome those who wish
a greater freedom and love
build life together

forsake master’s tools
tools of love have no label
learn them by feeling

110614 collapse

November 7, 2014

nature collapses
all disparities She finds:
heat, power, privilege

sometimes we must work
to accelerate collapse
or to slow it down

make collapse useful
know where collapse rests, go there
prepare and survive

nature never rests
respect, do not worship Her
work from peace, not fear

110314 living death

November 3, 2014

seeds present themselves to me as the unborn children of trees.

all life has intelligence, much of which we civil remain
too ignorant, too arrogant, too afraid to understand.

as a result we fail to see the full spectrum of life
coexisting with death to bring us biodiversity.
everyone’s life depends on the deaths of others.

a question lingers in my mind, asking me
whether we civil can live, kill and feed ethically, and with respect?
this question includes, but far transcends, matters of diet
to encompass matters of domestication and Living Death

and explains in small part why i strive
to give thanks for everything supporting my short life
a list that includes, but far transcends, appreciation
for food, water, air, shelter, friends and family
for every word spoken and heard in between every breath.