070710 tunnel vision

May 9, 2015


we all play our parts in the game
bent hardened links in the chain
some of us ride neutral class
sipping suicide on the train
in comfort finding others to blame
some of us are hog-tied up
to struggle on our backs, we lay
in desperate wait like deer
spread across the tracks
for the light drawing near

inside our oil dark tunnel vision
steam-powered industrial precision
destructive engines of creation
burned so many times before,
now numb to that once-familiar sensation
drowned sorrow in the alcohols of negation,
so much pain
real men withdraw in isolation

individualist collective
begs salvation
severed tissue connective
antisocial way to cope,
no empathy here, slippery slope
we hide our fear, hidden
turning hostile toward
the faintest spark of hope

once pure, now corrupt we are
the end of the line,
the bridge is gone
and we’re all out of luck
how many have you seen self-destruct?
these words are my last spasm and
this voice is my last breath
because it only matters
how old we are
when we stand
the same distance from death

121814 fictitious connection

December 19, 2014


demons in the dark
red eyes glow green
with power
vibrate and hum their siren song
complete fictitious connection
patch me through the abyss
into the void
help me pretend, insist

i am not alone

together we feel
and become
an endless hunger

emptiness i will learn
to call home

011712 painful years

November 6, 2014


up or down and black or white
unless you stand your ground and fight
alienated, shallow numbing fun:
lost time, lost life, lost inspiration

all these false dichotomies
beg me, choose between the two
do your worst, accept the premise
leave me feeling empty, used

body bruised, mind in tears
slogging through the painful years
all i ever want to do
is heal the gap,
and bring about collapse
with you

thank the heavens i have nothing
help me not to hate
the ones we must destroy
help me not to love the tools
and the tactics we must employ…

to all the wolves in sheeps’ clothing
awkward sharp-tooth paws in hoof shoes
i already know who you are, anyway
and i don’t like having to come for you
so please, please come out and play…

010713 intransigent core

October 6, 2014


life hangs falsely by a thread
in a sphere of possibilities
where every opportunity
is just a tease
flirting for attention

serenely centered
intransigent core
galaxies drift by
willing and free
while tension turns
guy wires of shallow hope and interest
to shackle and weight

a web of gravity that wanes
only when the struggle subsides
the effort burns
the captive abides
endless prayer for clarity
solitary trapped inside

elucidation light the way
bleed, lead and leave from this purgatious space
where distance is a lonely face
measured in mere miles
or millimeters, all the same

civilization is humanity’s Napolean Complex