Equal Rights Clause?

November 14, 2008

The passing of proposition 8 and its ilk elsewhere has a lot of people down.  A friend via her Facebook status, “thinks you shouldn’t be able to vote away civil rights.”  Amen to that…got me thinking.

We have an Equal Protection Clause, but no Equal Rights Clause under the US Constitution yet.  Which means that a majority vote in a state or local election can infringe upon the so-called “unalienable rights” of a minority.  That isn’t democracy — that’s tyranny.

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“Yes WE Can.”

November 8, 2008

If you haven’t heard of Damali Ayo yet…you have now!

She wrote an amazing open letter to the People of the United States of America (the “other PotUS”) about how we, the people, need to STAY INVOLVED in order to push for the changes we need:  tax relief for normal folks, healthcare reform, energy independence, green-collar jobs, food security (or here to listen), universal access to higher education, etc.  It’s on us — all of us.  WE have work to do.  Let’s do it together.  The letter is below, in full.

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