110614 collapse

November 7, 2014

nature collapses
all disparities She finds:
heat, power, privilege

sometimes we must work
to accelerate collapse
or to slow it down

make collapse useful
know where collapse rests, go there
prepare and survive

nature never rests
respect, do not worship Her
work from peace, not fear

110314 complacency

November 3, 2014

life seeks and finds peace
sometimes, never without work
and always in death

those who seek no peace
become forces of Horror
storms destroy with love

Horrors seduce life
whispering peace without work
like a Living Death

weakened life may fail
to die and return to life
what it took, give back

actively seek peace
in life, never expect it
with or without work

create peace within
resist Horror’s seduction
through embodiment

create greater love
strength withstands the coming storm
life from death from love

from life from death from
love from life from death from love
without Living Death