060615 temporary substitutes

June 6, 2015


(life implies)
work to destroy
our casual, ubiquitous relationship
to addictive colonial commodities
–exorphic tools of control such as
sugar, grains, chocolate, coffee
the so-called “English breakfast” tea
and the rest of the global spice trade–
to watch every privileged life fade from view…

subtractive zero-sum civilized pyramid schemes
describing domesticated lives less-screwed
fools survive floating by
on top the drowning poverty crew

accept no temporary substitutes
like machines that run obediently on juice
and when the juice runs low
run back to the chattel
just a stone’s throw away
prisoners of an imprisoned
privileged few work the fields
night and day, nothing new
now hidden
behind the global technological veil

prepare yourself
when the liberal fair-trade fantasies fail
when slaveries stutter and lapse
imperial economies collapse
beneath the revolting tide of collective feral will

gladly say goodbye
because bodies detox and tastebuds adjust
while we discover exactly what
the land beneath our feet offers us

want liberation
in your body, soul, heart and mind

build genetic allegiance and trust
no willing addict of denial
expressing narcissistic preference
for the next fix, mindless
empty undead hunger-driven lust.

031114 opulent minority

September 25, 2014


the rights inherent to real, natural persons
who form natural communities
as part of the nature existing underneath
around and inside you and me


the rights implied in the profit
and property of corporate personhood
where, legally, persons become property
as potential profit for these
fictitious corporate entities
who exist exclusively to accumulate wealth

to benefit the “opulent minority”
as they once called themselves
while hiding behind an armed-guard
veil of secret, opulent exclusivity
of english common legal convention
to frame a document, counter revolutionary
to secure their interests (slavers, all)
against the interests of the many

tell me: who are the few, real people
to derive real benefit from slavery?
chattel, domestic “women’s work” and wage
all the same, to benefit or enslave
the people like you and me?

tell me, where do you see yourself existing:
as part of nature, with inherent rights
or as part of the Framer’s legal fictionality
where most rights are rights denied
whereas the rest apply in practice
as privileges, as if the right
to beg and scrape and grovel at the feet
of this “opulent minority” for something
i might hope to receive — when
it already exists deep inside of me,
inherent to my being — should seem a privilege,
given to and taken from us as they please?
while they demand we serve down on our knees

i demand dignity.  from this point on
i live and die free, on my feet, i fight
for the inherent rights of natural people
for the liberation of the many
for the self-determination of the meek
for the health, safety and welfare of my community
for nature, for democracy.   i will conspire to break
and abolish any law — just a mess of text on paper
from the foolish rule of the few — that seeks
to deny to anyone their life and liberty
toward the pursuit of happiness.

i stand ready. if you do, too
you can come find me, or i can find you.

the violence in all of us

December 23, 2008

Haven Daley of the Associated Press reports:

A woman was taunted for being a lesbian, repeatedly raped by four men and left naked outside an abandoned apartment building, authorities said.

Detectives say the 28-year-old victim was attacked Dec. 13 after she got out of her car in Richmond, in the San Francisco Bay area.

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