120114 sirens

December 3, 2014


a storm comes our way
our fear and hate drive it on
it answers our call

we cannot fight storms
winnowers of the world
many fall away

weakness comes from fear
the void lurks in the abyss
between life and death

recognize your fear
it lures us to the abyss
the void takes the weak

hear the sirens’ call
making zombies of us all
wasting life with fear

bring life back to earth
set roots deep in the soil
rooted life gives strength

live for honest death
protect love from the void
love may survive us

110814 life

November 8, 2014

there exists no life
without love, Nothing exists
without life or love

in space void of love
we merge with an emptiness
pulling us from life

fear, and Nothing waits
to live, practice love, to die
fill all life with love

Veganism, pt 2

August 31, 2010

a follow up cross-post to my previous entry on veganism:

“I also like to tell people who are pro-life, that they’re not truly pro-life if they eat meat. OH ZING!”

Vegans eat the unborn young of trees, shrubs, herbs and other plants. They must not be pro-life. (what the hell do you think seeds and nuts are?) Vegans eat the tender young (shoots) of plants.

by the logic of the original post, vegans must have a deep-seeded (no pun intended) hatred of every non-animal living thing. because by eating them, they can’t possibly love them. you all must be incapable of loving trees, young shoots and sprouts, flowers, fungi, bacteria, etc. it’s inconsistent and ridiculous. we MUST love all of it, and yes, we MUST eat some of it.
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