Filesharing, copyrights, libraries, oh my!

September 19, 2010

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Stupid question:

doesn’t [sic] that mean that we should all have free, unlimited access, to every single song, movie, tv show, book, etc? Well of course that sounds awesome! But is it right?

Smart, well-informed response [emphasis mine]:

It’s a _very_ old idea. It’s called a Public Library. Fans will _still_ support content _creators_.
RIAA and MPAA are not _creators_, they are obsolete middlemen.

Apparently, the myopic and stubborn **AA (RI and MP both) are feeling threatened by their own inevitable obsolescence, as are “content providers” such as Comcast.  Policing internet traffic is their rather draconian way of stalling their inevitable downfall…but it reality it will only piss people off, raise awareness and hasten their downfall.   Cue the caustic laughter…

Full story here:

I am sick and tired of hearing that people who file-share “copyrighted materials” are thieves. That they break laws. That what they are doing is wrong. They aren’t, they don’t, and it isn’t. Here’s why…
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women in jazz

April 30, 2009

WOW. Grace Kelly. Y’all remember that, alright? Seriously. So I heard this amazing interpretation of “Ain’t No Sunshine” on the radio, waiting with baited breath to hear who the hell it was behind this crazy shee-it. Turns out, you have to qualify it as crazy youthful sixteen year old second-gen Korean American she-it to be accurate. Grace Kelly. Mood Changes.

In the liner notes, Don Heckman beautifully describes the casual sexism us men often carelessly throw around. Here’s an excerpt (emphasis mine):
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The Literary Can[n]non

December 7, 2008

While we’re talking music…

I have to say this is very very high on my “purchase ASAP” list.  <insert appropriate quote from Wayne’s World here>