111214 cleansing

November 12, 2014

life must persevere
a Storm of Life will never
come into existence

until life departs
only Living Death remains
we have Nothing left

perhaps then it comes
all-consuming Storm of Life
Nothing bears witness

before it departs
nature has supreme power
returning to life

110914 horror

November 9, 2014

in the void between
life and death lurks a Horror
some call Living Death

neither live nor dead
a mutual rejection:
life of death of life

Horror from the void
feels nothing, thinks of nothing
but endless Hunger

some wish for this fate:
immortality within
fear of life and death

forever Hungry
never satisfied of need
upsetting balance

a Storm of Nothing
feeds on life and death alike
expanding the void

spreading the Hunger
when trying to escape it
Nothing brings the void

shrinking the margin
draining life from death from life
where Nothing remains

raging Storms of Death
feed on Living Death and life
giving back to life

welcome death with grace
when life succumbs to Nothing
death restores balance

life must seek balance
between two of its Horrors
or life will vanish

life must embrace Death
over the Storm of Nothing
or life will vanish

110814 life

November 8, 2014

there exists no life
without love, Nothing exists
without life or love

in space void of love
we merge with an emptiness
pulling us from life

fear, and Nothing waits
to live, practice love, to die
fill all life with love