the violence in all of us

December 23, 2008

Haven Daley of the Associated Press reports:

A woman was taunted for being a lesbian, repeatedly raped by four men and left naked outside an abandoned apartment building, authorities said.

Detectives say the 28-year-old victim was attacked Dec. 13 after she got out of her car in Richmond, in the San Francisco Bay area.

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Equal Rights Clause?

November 14, 2008

The passing of proposition 8 and its ilk elsewhere has a lot of people down.  A friend via her Facebook status, “thinks you shouldn’t be able to vote away civil rights.”  Amen to that…got me thinking.

We have an Equal Protection Clause, but no Equal Rights Clause under the US Constitution yet.  Which means that a majority vote in a state or local election can infringe upon the so-called “unalienable rights” of a minority.  That isn’t democracy — that’s tyranny.

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Dan Walters: “blame Prop. 8 on the darkie”

November 12, 2008

Props to the good folks over at  Not only did they construct an incredibly accurate model of the 2008 election — they use their statistical acuity for good and not evil.

Here’s the latest example:  Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee wants to blame Latinos and black people for the passage of Proposition 8.  Read the rest of this entry »