102510 decadent few

March 6, 2015


its lies are often felt
but seldom seen or heard
its presence will cause
good will to melt
without speaking a word

its angelic eyes beg,
“trust me, please!” while
its hands caress the knife
its every breath a toxic lees
to bring a wilting end to life

its voice will make us crazy
and lull us back to sleep
its verse of laws and nightmares
scare and cow us into sheep

by its lights we turn from life to toil
in exile or depressive mood
by its work we turn from ripe to spoil
poison now in all the food

its economy demands we domesticate
ourselves and others, to exploit and hate
its schools merely teach us how,
while its technologies facilitate

through and through its decadent few get by with bliss
the arbitrary result of neither hard work nor laziness
while the rest of us fare not so well
drowning in this civilized Hell…

don’t fret too much, learn to give
and love, its how we really live
laugh through pain, smile through sorrow
you bring the booms, i’ll bring the crows
and we can raze it to the ground tomorrow