two satires and a funeral

November 9, 2008

It’s time to for a good ol’ post-presidential election unwind.  Here’s three questions (and answers) to help y’all out:

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what a bunch of moral elitists

September 16, 2008

UPDATE:  A friend just informed me that Jonathan Haidt speaks at TED talks

I was going to write a different post about how Sarah Palin is all about secrecy and doublespeak. Just generally above the law.  In other words, how her governing style is exactly like the Bush Administration’s “unprecedented assault on the principle of open government.” I even had a clever title: “Palin the face.”  Haha.  Except, as Judith Warner writes, Sarah Palin is no laughing matter. Damn. Whatever.

Through the blog of an acquaintance (who might someday become a friend), I’ve found something more interesting — and self-critical:  A moral psychologist’s research on “What makes people vote Republican?” As far as moral reasoning goes, liberals just don’t get it, although we like to think we do.  And that makes us condescending and elitist.  Fair enough.

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