091210 love unconditionally

March 12, 2015


where do you want to be
when industry dies?
when the manmade lights go out
and the celestial bodies
reclaim the skies?
who do you want to see
laying next to you each night
before you close your eyes?
what in your world is worth the fight
against the pathology of the civilized?

who in your life is worth your trust
in a time when lies dominate?
what will remind you of the need
to love unconditionally,
to defend life and limb by any means
against the relentless hate?
just how will we communicate
through the mechanistic barriers
that separate and alienate
them from us, you from me,
our thoughts from our feelings
and our joys from our pains?

when will we abandon our chains
and seek to sustain more than the blood
that runs in our veins?

worlds limp with Wounded Knees
and cry countless Trails of Tears
before those who walk asleep
wake from their atrocities
in appropriated colonies
to a life worth living
as it appears to each
inside a world worth fighting for