Why the Zombie Apocalypse?

November 24, 2014

This update posted to the About page.

The zombie apocalypse to me represents the near-complete alienation we experience as a result of succumbing to — and even fending off — colonizing forces that threaten and destroy life and love.  As such, it serves as a potentially-fantastic analogy and tool to explore the predicaments and challenges that alienating and colonizing societies pose toward us, and build a solid foundation for decolonization work.

Though no real clear distinction exists, the poetry typically serves to establish and explore a cosmology of the zombie apocalypse (especially the haiku), whereas the stories begin to ground those explorations.

Gosling vs Soup: A lesson in wild courage

April 8, 2015
A real-life event as told by the primary witness:
Dad and I were going over to your sister’s to bring dinner tonite. Dad had made a yummy soup, I made a salad. Dad wrapped the pot of soup in a towel and put it in the back of the car, same with the salad and salad dressing. Dad was driving down Hwy 224 when both he and I spotted three tiny new goslings trying to cross the road. Dad slammed on his brakes (The driver in the car behind him slammed on his horn). Dad jumped out and, despite stupid drivers whizzing by, assisted the goslings out of the travel lanes and then up the curb, to their waiting and freaked out goose parents. In the meantime, back at the car….from slamming on the brakes, the pot of soup slid all the way forward (by the way, we had the seats down in the back), up against the front seat, then tipped over and spilled all over the back of the front driver seat and floor….

We spent the next hour at your sister’s mopping up soup…..the dogs helped lots….

Zombies don’t stop their car for others (especially nonhumans), let alone get out of the car to help them navigate the ridiculous and unnecessary dangers of the toxic concrete death strips scarring we call roads scarring and bifurcating the world’s life support systems.  As microcosms of the rest of civilization, zombies run down life, perhaps only wondering in passing why “those stupid animals get in the way.”  Here’s a toast to the wild courage of uncivilized folk (humans and nonhumans alike), and perhaps many more pots of spilled soup (ok, maybe that part is avoidable)!

I encourage readers to prep for the zombie apocalypse, because it’s here.  It’s now.  And it is us.

032515 intrinsically allied

March 27, 2015


stumbling numbly like a bumblebee
tumbling drunkenly between
blossoms on the tree

except the tree feels more
like cold steel and concrete
where blossoms begin to take shape
as square buildings of busyness
gleefully serving me
any of the poisonous pollens
and nectars that they make

at a certain point
in human prehistory
the appearance of civilized energy
upset a fundamental balance between
give and take

i try to track the myriad ways in which civilization levies its burdensome tax on life:

i pay once to play

twice for the resulting addiction to bring me back
down on my knees another day

three times to steal my health and autonomy
leaving me lonely, struggling on a path of (co)dependency
desperation holding sway

four times to turn
my friends and family into stranger
enemies divide and conquer, separate
alienate and stray

five times to institutionalize
this ubiquitous insanity
once intolerable, normalized
now the guiding light of life
here to stay

six times to close my eyes
to the process and pathology of the civilized
see no evil
hear no evil
speak no evil
let us pray

seven times for suicide

eight times for those of us who survive
smile and laugh the agony away

on the ninth i blame myself
— onslaught thoroughly justified —
for my failure to thrive through all the pain

the tenth time i found we pay
to close down, destroy, disincentivize
options available for us to choose once more
honest, liberated lives…

so we, shadow, slip and melt back into the fray

i look around at my fellow pollinators
falling toward the ground
like rain drops from the sky
hang my head in helpless shame
wonder why
and remember to reach beyond my given name
put myself inside of them again
intrinsically allied
as they die

so, then, do i

the mournful salt streams down my face
with the force of gravity from my eyes
when i realize how
— for most of our existence — we
now subservient technology
used to fly
and gave our lives to the controlling pen of history:
agriculture hierarchy
fortune, fear and fame.

072210 unreadable things

March 14, 2015


drowning in bad acid trip dreams

staring down signs
made of unreadable things

wandering through a reality
where everyone is sleepwalking
and nobody cares what it means…

wishing we could fly without accepting
that we don’t have wings
we tried so hard to get high
our next move sends us falling

when i look back up at our past romantic
cold wind still screams in my ears
look down toward our future frantic

feel the oncoming rush of the ground below
we stream the face of the earth like tears,

and i welcome the pain, because i know

it’s my name that she’s calling
hear her voice let go from our fears…

080610 last call

March 13, 2015


one life to live
one gift to give
one way to be
souls in a sieve

hearts in a wringer
no eyes to see
no chains, be free
please sing for her
when you sing to me

find what belongs to us
dig our roots deeper
if our life seems cheaper
we heal the trust
slide down the hill steeper

crash through the wall
strengthen the community
against pyschopathic immunity
prepare life in the fall
thrive through winter’s impunity

strive to shut down the mains
tear up the money, take down the mall
resource wars hurt us all
wives cry, husbands slain
women raped, inside we die, last call

videogames prepare kids to destroy
stop playing the way of able and cain
stop pretending they’re not one and the same
civilization and hate, two sides, same coin
until we reject, our chains will remain

091210 love unconditionally

March 12, 2015


where do you want to be
when industry dies?
when the manmade lights go out
and the celestial bodies
reclaim the skies?
who do you want to see
laying next to you each night
before you close your eyes?
what in your world is worth the fight
against the pathology of the civilized?

who in your life is worth your trust
in a time when lies dominate?
what will remind you of the need
to love unconditionally,
to defend life and limb by any means
against the relentless hate?
just how will we communicate
through the mechanistic barriers
that separate and alienate
them from us, you from me,
our thoughts from our feelings
and our joys from our pains?

when will we abandon our chains
and seek to sustain more than the blood
that runs in our veins?

worlds limp with Wounded Knees
and cry countless Trails of Tears
before those who walk asleep
wake from their atrocities
in appropriated colonies
to a life worth living
as it appears to each
inside a world worth fighting for

093010 unlocked doors

March 10, 2015


unlocked doors and broken windows
active days and brilliant nights
carry the flame, share the spark
follow fate wherever she goes
don’t be afraid, embrace the dark

climbing around on
crumbling foundations
clumsy, stumbling, collapsing
beneath its own weight
caught, tangled like a fool
in its own downed powerlines
desperate, drowning, disappearing
in a shallow ink-black pool
of its own greediness and hate

civilization tried and fell
to a silence that indicates
only the machines died
freed from our enslavement
we stack them messy side-by-side
decomposing bodies in the shade
feed the trees whose roots create
space for plants that grow through
cracks in the dead pavement

help us find our way back into
somewhere between work and play
there’s always more for us to do,
and if you don’t look for happiness here
then happiness will never find you

100810 kindred lives

March 8, 2015


on my lonely purchase
heading into fall
where’s my sense of purpose?
i can’t see it, hear at all…

hiding, waiting desperately
i hope my land and people find me
and that i find them too, some day
this is no way for us to be
constantly seeking reunification

i stay up late again
and listen for the silence
as i strain to hear their call
even though its mine i’m too paralyzed to give
how could i pine for other kindred lives
when i’m too afraid of pain to live?

this problem follows me everywhere
i can’t seem to hide or run away
despair stalks and taunts me
bleeding in full light of day
he finds and haunts my dreams at night
i can’t tell anymore if i’m awake
and i’m not sure i even care…

untranslatable, untamed, domesticated
wild paradox in the endless mirror
trapped in cages bathed in fear
a responsible child won’t survive long here
prison riot, loos’d of limits, murdered guards
frantic, cool-hand hearts run free

hiding, waiting desperately
my land and people will find me
and i will find them too, some day
because this is the way to be:
draw strength from vulnerability

frantic kindred hearts draw near
if we fight in spite of our fears
and they fight because of theirs
we all kill, we all die
so do you, and so do i
then in the end we will prevail


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