The controlled release of diamonds…what does it refer to?  I can assure you, it does not refer to my output on this blog.  For one, I output here as fast as possible.  I have no inclination or need to strategically withhold information.  Second, I do not consider any of my work “diamonds” — at least not in their mined, cut and polished form.  I would never debase my output with such a comparison to imply relatively little substantive value and structural value grossly inflated through artificial scarcity.  The reader needn’t look further than the “creative commons” copyleft badge to refute that idea.  Whatever substantive value the output of this blog has, let that be it.

The controlled release of diamonds refers to Civilization — a catchall term for most any agriculture-based society (i.e., the confluence of expanding empire, patriarchy, racism, slavery).  Civilization has destroyed most everything in this world I care about, and is actively killing off the rest.  Destruction is but one tool of artificial scarcity (how much more valuable is the last redwood tree to this society’s sociopathy economy?), which is but one tool of control. I’ve dedicated this blog toward (mostly) coping with the mess and (increasingly) stopping the destruction, its protectors and advocates. On a related note, it is also about something that a mother once told her children:

All I want for my children is that they become neither the destroyers nor the destroyed…

The Controlled Release of Diamonds relates to such resources as Deep Green Resistance, Keith Farnish’s Underminers, and Russ’ Volatility.  The discussion and thought involved may seem scary and difficult (which rings true for me).  Push past your comfort zone.  No pain, no gain.  The more I read, the more I become aware that many answers and solutions to our myriad problems already exist.  Much of what I do simply pulls together existing resources into a framework for stopping the destruction covering at least one of three aspects:

  1. Defection (a regenerative commitment and refusal to play by the rules of the destroyers) and
  2. Sabotage (a commitment to stopping the extant threat)
  3. Tools to aid liberation process

I also use this blog to share other works, including poetry, stories and music that often touch on the above themes.  I want to write because I need to write.  The “creative works” I share — poetry, story, music — represent a form of journaling I have found necessary to survive the copious abuses civilization imposes on the world to domesticate, control and exploit.  Some call such a comprehensive domestication and exploitation the Zombie Apocalypse.

Why the Zombie Apocalypse?

The zombie apocalypse to me represents the near-complete alienation we experience as a result of succumbing to — and even fending off — colonizing forces that threaten and destroy life and love.  As such, it serves as a potentially-fantastic analogy and tool to explore the predicaments and challenges that alienating and colonizing societies pose toward us, and build a solid foundation for decolonization work.

Though no real clear distinction exists, the poetry typically serves to establish and explore a cosmology of the zombie apocalypse (especially the haiku), whereas the stories begin to ground those explorations.

Contact Policy

Please post questions or comments for others’ benefit, and reserve the contact form for greater privacy.  I will remove disrespectful posts like spam (i.e., posts that detract from thoughtful and honest discussion). Jokes and sarcasm are great, depending on how they land and who they hurt. Self-deprecating humor is safest (but nothing is truly safe :)

Also, so much information exists out there, already.  Please make use of the info I reference on the sidebar at least before asking me general questions about civilization, feminism, anarchy, non-agricultural societies, etc. If you have additional resources to offer, please do so!

If you would like to get in touch, please leave a comment or send an email my way using this handy-dandy form:

Please do NOT:

  1. Ask me or others what to do — that is something you need to figure out for yourself, regardless of whether and to what extent you use the tools, resources and other information this blog provides;
  2. Tell others what to do, for the same reason as above;
  3. Post anything that will get you or others into trouble;
  4. Discuss people, places, things or events that are local to you; or
  5. Otherwise break Security Culture.

2 Responses to about

  1. Abein says:

    Jolly good ramblings. I particularly enjoyed your discussion in the comment thread about veganism and morality. I stumbled on in via a google search for “human carnivorism” (curiosity mostly, I do a near zero carb diet). I know it can be unrewarding to do any kind of activity online that you leave open to the public, so I just wanted to say good on you.

    Keep up the being awesome thing.

    • ozob says:

      Thanks for dropping in and for your comments! I hope that some of the discussion has been provocative for you! :) but yeah, logical inconsistency is a big red flag, whether it is mine or someone else’s…wherever it exists, i believe we must ask, “what’s REALLY going on here?”


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