Yak Skiing

Here’s a blog from someone I met in the Middle East who ended up being an impromptu travel companion for quite some time.  I think it’s safe to say we’re friends now.  I know details about her that she probably doesn’t want me to share publicly, and I’m pretty sure she knows stuff about me that I don’t want her to share publicly.  That’s the definition of a friend, right?

Regardless, the main point is that her writing is much more interesting than mine, it has pictures, and she’s shared some of our collective meanderings through the West Bank and Israel already.  It also happens to buy me some time before I type up and post my next journal entries.

2 Responses to triangulation

  1. wanderingyak says:

    Hi Ethan and Ethan’s readers! I feel the pressure to churn out the stories faster if you’re going to be using me to buy some time. I’ll try to get on that.

    I think you just gave the most concise definition of friendship I can think of there–I promise not to blog about the things YOU don’t want shared publicly if you promise not to blog about the kind of things we talked about on public transportation.

    Also, I now feel obligated to link to your blog on my blog. What a vicious cycle. Don’t worry, my readership is about two. My mom and Rico. Cheers!

  2. ozob says:

    yeah, well as you can see, my readership will almost certainly overwhelm your blog site in short order. better shore up that comment policy before you drown in the unwashed hordes of readership comments that i’ve vicariously unleashed….ahem…will unleash…any day now…

    i don’t like that definition of friendship. it’s proliferation and detente on a personal level. on the other hand, Russia and the US do seem to have a pretty healthy long-term relationship thing going.

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