DiezelP: Time for us to respect women

DiezelP writes over at What’s Happening PDX:

Will Hip-Hop Ever Reach Its Full Potential?

The Worth of Women

How will hip hop ever grow to its full potential when the very gender that reproduces our future artists, activists, columnists, producers, and entrepreneurs of our urban community are belittled to almost an object for the testosterone filled modern day rappers? When did the women of our culture become only useful for physical beauty and sexual activity? Why doesn’t Rap music uplift and inspire their female listeners to reach the same level of success males have?

This is an important discussion that is long overdue.  DiezelP has some criticism for women, but not without putting it in the larger context of a culture that oppresses and devalues women.  We all need to work together to change this culture so that we respect women fully as people, and not just as objects (“bitches” “hos” and the ubiquitous scantily clad music video dancer).  Women are artists, leaders and inspiration.  What will it take for us to make that the dominant narrative of women in pop culture?  How must we as men change in order to take a leadership role on this issue?

Thanks to DiezelP for his leadership on this issue!

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