100810 kindred lives


on my lonely purchase
heading into fall
where’s my sense of purpose?
i can’t see it, hear at all…

hiding, waiting desperately
i hope my land and people find me
and that i find them too, some day
this is no way for us to be
constantly seeking reunification

i stay up late again
and listen for the silence
as i strain to hear their call
even though its mine i’m too paralyzed to give
how could i pine for other kindred lives
when i’m too afraid of pain to live?

this problem follows me everywhere
i can’t seem to hide or run away
despair stalks and taunts me
bleeding in full light of day
he finds and haunts my dreams at night
i can’t tell anymore if i’m awake
and i’m not sure i even care…

untranslatable, untamed, domesticated
wild paradox in the endless mirror
trapped in cages bathed in fear
a responsible child won’t survive long here
prison riot, loos’d of limits, murdered guards
frantic, cool-hand hearts run free

hiding, waiting desperately
my land and people will find me
and i will find them too, some day
because this is the way to be:
draw strength from vulnerability

frantic kindred hearts draw near
if we fight in spite of our fears
and they fight because of theirs
we all kill, we all die
so do you, and so do i
then in the end we will prevail

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